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Luke Szyrmer

Product, innovation, and making it all happen

Luke Szyrmer specializes in solving hard problems across DeepTech, Finance, and SaaS/Software/Internet. Across those industries, he's worked in both corporate environments, as well as startups. 

He helps his clients with product-market fit using his analytical 4M method by aligning Medium, Message, Market, Merchandise in order to unleash Massive Multiplication.

The backstory

Having built out products that ended up dying to no interest on the market side, he realized that co-creation with consumers and stakeholders is best path to creating successful new products. 

He works in large and small companies that want to innovate successfully with a totally new product or product line.

  • For example, he's worked for 5 years with the Royal Academy of Engineering, mentoring and training award-winning engineering startup founders on how to enter new markets with their innovations. 
  • On the corporate side, he helps with large scale product and company transformations required in order to innovate. 

The definitive guide to landing pages as MVPs

The #1 bestselling guide to testing out your ideas or products, by collaborating wiith the market. It's a different mindset: not conversion rate optimization, it's not design and not UX. 

Identify a market with unmet demand which is deperate for a product or a service

Confirm your expected market actually responds to your idea

Plan and test your channel market entry strategy

Verify the upper limit of your customer acquisition costs

Test and confirm your value proposition based not on what customers say, but what they do

Collaborate creatively, even when the team is remote

Remote work is here to stay. Figure out how to work effectively, regardless of where each person connects from.

How to track productivity in real-time using an operational heartbeat

How to run successful meetings, ones where you arrive at good decisions quickly

Why remote work requires a different work breakdown than what's acceptable in person, and how to get there

How to align and motivate teams you don’t see

How to reduce the number of meetings everyone attends while increasing team productivity

The breakthrough podcast on remote leadership

Dedicated to helping you navigate the new normal and achieve together when everyone is working from home, covering topics like meeting culture, objectives, collaboration, and team productivity. Join us for in-depth conversations on remote leadership, distributed teams, and work/life balance. 

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